The Benefits of a Hand Car Wash

When it comes to taking care of your car, getting a hand car wash is an easy way to make sure
it is carefully cleaned. While most people generally prefer hand car wash services for a superior
clean, they can also be less harmful to your car. Automatic car washes use harsh chemicals
and a “one size fits all” mentality that cannot suit the needs of all car owners. Here are some
reasons why hand washing your vehicle is the best option.

More Thorough Clean

You can identify and spot clean every nook and cranny when you wash a car by hand. For
example, if there is a small chip in your paint, a crack in your windshield, or any premature
rusting, your car wash technician will catch it immediately.

Automated car washes also cannot detail your car to the same extent as handwashing. The
automatic jets and large sponges cannot get behind the corners of your rearview mirrors or
clean all the grooves that make your car special.

Protects the Longevity of your Car

Hand washing puts an extra amount of care and detail into your car. In automatic car washes,
dirt and debris aren’t cleaned and sealed underneath the wax. Over time, this can lead to your
car’s body degradation. A professional hand wash makes the hard-to-miss paint chips visible
and can be fixed immediately.

Individualized Cleaning Options

Handwash services also use higher quality products to clean your car and help it stand the test
of time. For example, higher-quality waxes like the ones found here will preserve your paint from
corrosive elements longer.

By handwashing your car, you can also hand-pick which type of exterior detailing works best for
you. A great place to start looking for specialized car wash materials is They
have a wide selection of washes, waxes, coatings, paints, and more.

Switching from automatic car washes to hand washing can save you money on upkeep,
enhance the look of your vehicle, and maintain the longevity of your car for years. Trying out
new waxes and washes is fun and a great way to learn about your vehicle! Next time you see
your car needing a wash, consider hand washing for an exceptional clean.